Jess’s Guitar, Houseplant 2020 ctf walkthrough


The challenge

Over the weekend we had the opportunity to participate in one of riceteacatpanda competitions and also compete against some of the best ctf teams globally. It was an interesting CTF i personally had a lot to learn from it, Today i’m writing a walkthrough on one of the challenges that had very few solves

following up the hint provided we got to this video.

Tricky Right!!… hha

The trick here was actually noting down the keyword “RAW” so we needed to rename the .mp3 extension to .raw. then from there we can now try and solve the challenge, googling alot let me to

but upon referring to the challenge description,,, the 1700*1700 becomes important and we now get the flag

on changing the height and width we get the flag the flag was

rtcp{J3ss_i$_s0_t@lented} haha we solved the challenge after the competition passed ,,, but it was a nice experience for next time.